Moto Mike Learn to Ride Blue Honda Riding School

Get out of the parking lot and learn to ride! 
Motorcycles Provided !!!

One-on-one training since 1997

Over 30 years of riding experience taught to you over one fun filled weekend. 
Get out of the parking lot and RIDE!
Have you ever wanted to learn to ride a motorcycle? 

Make your dream a reality with private one-on-one instruction with an experienced motorcycle instructor.

2-four hour days: Classes are structured in back-to-back days of intensive training over one weekend. Sat & Sun. 
8am to 12pm

Cost: $410 for 8/10 hours

Motorcycle training done in San Francisco. For more information call/text/email

(415) 816-8103​

Due to high volume of calls, it may take 1-3 days to return voice mails. Texts can be easier. 
A complete motorcycle course includes: 

  • Basic to Advanced Riding skills
  • City and Freeway Riding
  • Passenger Riding
  • Hill Starts/Stops
  • Motorcycle Control (counter-steering, cornering, and breaking skills)
  • Safety Theory for Real-world Riding Situations
  • Motorcycle Included

**Motorcycle License**
No DMV license waiver provided​.
Assistance with DMV driving test available.

Please provide your own riding gear: Helmet, jacket, gloves and boots with a heal